CACI - THE ORIGINAL NON SURGICAL FACIAL LIFT - This treatment is totallyrelaxing and painless and uses a machine to stimulate and educate the muscle fibres with micro current therapy. The muscles are toned giving a younger appearance and fine lines are softened or smoothed (1 hour)

Course of ten - £280.  
GUINOT is probably the most well-known and respected name in the beauty business and Hydradermie the most requested facial. Only therapists who pass the exacting Guinot training are qualified to carry out this superb treatment using gentle galvanic and high frequency electrotherapy. £24.50
HYDRADERMIE - this remarkable facial is renowned for visible, lasting results. The active ingredients deep cleanse, hydrate and regenerate. It is also extremely relaxing and suitable for all ages and skin types. (1 hr 15mins)

HYDRA PLUS - This treatment improves hydration levels in normal to dehydrated skin; lowers sebum levels in oily skin and reduces wrinkle depth in mature and damaged skins. It is also extremely relaxing and suitable for all ages and skin types

BEAUTE NEUVE -This fruit acid and fruit enzyme facial has a double peeling action, which eliminates dead skin cells leaving the most radiant of complexions. For maximum benefits this facial is recommended over a 3 week period with Hydradermie on the 4th week. £33.00
GUINOT LES AROMATIC - This aromatherapy trio of facials contain selected plant extracts and blended essential oils to suit your skin and relax your mind. £29.50
ESSENTIAL FACIAL - With precise examination of your complexions response to exfoliation and gentle massage, we are able to select products to suit your individual needs. £25.00
RELAXING FACIAL - This facial commences with a relaxing back massage followed by the Radiance Facial. A must for those with a busy lifestyle.


EYEBROWS only £3.00 with any facial
MILIA EXTRACTION from £5.00 with any facial

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