FULL BODY SOFTENING - the invigorating scrub will polish the skin whilst an application of body lotion leaves skin that is smooth and radiant. (40 mins) £30.00
FULL BODY MASSAGE - from the tips of your toes to your neck and shoulders. This hour of pure pleasure helps to relieve aches pains and built up tension. (1 hr)

BACK MASSAGE - concentrating on the bodies main support structure, this relaxing treatment is particularly beneficial for easing the stress and strain of modern living (30mins)

BACK HYDRADERMIE - this excellent treatment from GUINOT helps to decongest and improve the texture of the skin. Especially good for acne sufferers. (1 hr)
CACI - An Electro massager helps to breakdown cellulite and fatty deposits by stimulating circulation and detoxifying surrounding lymph. To obtain maximum benefits this should be taken as a course. (45mins)
(Course of 10 £250.00)

OPI MANICURE - this luxurious and clinically effective manicure transforms ordinary nails into extraordinary nails. (30 mins) £14.00 (course of 5 + 1 free £ 70.00)

OPI LUXURY MANICURE - softer, smoother, younger looking hands are the
result of this wonderful experience. In 4 steps hands and nails are exfoliated, revitalised, renewed and protected.
( 1 hr)

OPI SPA PEDICURE -this complete treatment leaves feet feeling revitalised, hydrated and in peak condition. (45mins) £19.00  
OPI LUXURY SPA PEDICURE- This ultimate pedicure service cleanses, renews and restores the spirit and mind as well as the feet. Results are instantly visible. (1 hr) £24.50  
NAIL ART £1.00
per nail

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